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What’s the most powerful system in your body and the most overlooked system in all of medicine? The lymphatic system.
It’s the clear liquid that surrounds the cells of your body so its nickname is the Body Aquarium. You are literally swimming in lymphatic fluid. Your lymphatic system is your bodies sewage system. The body has millions of physiological and chemical interactions that create waste and this systems job is to remove this toxic waste from our bodies. If you have a chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, sleep issues, or weight loss resistance, you will have a lymphatic problem. You just need to discover how much. Ever wonder why chronic pain doesn’t get better despite all your therapy and medications? Your lymphatic system may be the problem. If the body can’t rid of cellular waste during the healing process, the inflammation simply stays in the tissues causing pain. If it can’t get out of the body, you can’t get better. The lymph is connected to your brain and your brain can’t function optimally when the lymph is dysfunctional.

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At Wardy Wellness we specialize in lymphatic drainage techniques and therapy to get your body aquarium renewed and functioning properly to assist you in your healing journey. Experience the power of our LYMPH MOJO SESSIONS.

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